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NB Financial Advisors, s. r. o.

We have been involved in corporate finance, financial advisory and M&A activities since 1990s.

NB Financial Advisors focus on all financial aspects of transactions, valuation of companies and selected assets, and assistance in transaction negotiations. Our experience comes from cross-border acquisitions, large local transactions and, recently, from working with small and mid-size companies in the Czech Republic.

NB Financial Advisors is based in Prague, Czech Republic. We have worked on projects in Slovakia, Romania, Germany, Croatia, Lithuania, Hungary and Great Britain.

NB Financial Advisors – services

NB FINANCIAL ADVISORS, s.r.o. ("NBFA") was founded in 2004. The firm provides primarily the following services:

  • financial advisory services for strategic decisions,
  • finance raising advisory assistance, and
  • M&A advisory and assistance in search for strategic partners.

Company valuation and valuation of selected assets are some of key services provided by NB Financial Advisors, s.r.o.

The firm advises various multinational companies operating in the Czech Republic and small and mid-size companies (SMEs).

NB Financial Advisors, s.r.o. aims to:

  • facilitate ways to potential acquisition targets;
  • identify potential investors at the regional level; and
  • search for strategic partners or institutions willing to fund development in selected business areas.

Ethical standards

NB Financial Advisors comply with the highest standards of professional conducts and the Code of Ethics of the CFA Institute (see www.cfainstitute.org).

PhDr. Michal Mareš, MBA, CFA – founder and statutory agent

Michal Mares, CFA founded NB Financial Advisors, s.r.o. in 2004. He has been a financial advisor since 1991 and worked for Corporate Finance of PricewaterhouseCoopers over 12 years. Michal worked on transactions in the financial sector, utilities, and manufacturing. He was involved in privatisation of ČSOB (one of the largest Czech banks) for KBC, managed bank privatisation in Lithuania and disposals and acquisitions of financial institutions in the Czech Republic and Croatia. In 1999 and 2000 Michal also worked in the London offices of PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Michal holds an MBA from Rochester Institute of Technology, NY (1992), and he was the first CFA Charterholder in the Czech Republic in 1997.

Michal also acts as Deputy Director for Portfolio Management and Member of Investment Committee of AKRO investiční společnost, a.s.. He is Member of the ČNB resolution committee since 2007.

Network of cooperating experts

On a project basis, NB Financial Advisors cooperates with several well-recognised experts:

  • CEAG (legal and transaction services)
    Central European Advisory Group (CEAG) has been in the market since 1993. CEAG is a multidisciplinary law firm and business advisory active in the Czech Republic and throughout the Central and Eastern European region. CEAG combines legal and business advisory services in the area of corporate, commercial, M&A and insolvency law. Through its business advisory arm, CEAG identifies investment and acquisition targets, working closely with investors and business owners.
  • Pavel Dudák (lawyer)
    JUDr. Pavel Dudák and other lawyers of VDNU-legal provide a wide range of legal services in civil, commercial and labour law. Mr. Dudák cooperates with NB Financial Advisors as an independent legal advisor.
  • David Krch and Eva Frkalová (tax advisors)
    David Krch is a registered tax advisor who, until 2002, served as Senior Tax Advisor at PricewaterhouseCoopers in Prague. Mr. Krch advises on both operational and transactional matters, with a particular focus on transaction structuring. Currently, David is an independent consultant and cooperates with NB Financial Advisors, Havel,Holásek&Partners, and CEAG on selected projects (www.taxservices.cz).
    Eva Frkalová is a Czech tax advisor and a member of ACCA. She specializes in corporate income tax, international tax law, mergers and acquisitions. She worked for seven years in the tax department at PricewaterhouseCoopers, she is now an independent advisor.
  • Stephen Lewis (M&A and capital markets)
    Stephen Lewis is an independent advisor in the M&A and capital market areas. In the past, he worked as a Director for investment research at Salomon Brothers Int. Ltd., Union Bank of Switzerland, Ltd. and CAIB in London. He is a registered member of the London Stock Exchange and NYSE. He has worked with NB Financial Advisors on transactions and projects in the financial services industry.


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NB Financial Advisors, s.r.o.

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