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Pinnacle Central & Eastern Europe Real Estate Development Financial management and financial advisory work in the sale of 50% of the group to Merrill Lynch.
Kilcullen Kapital Partners Engineering / manufacturing Advisory assistance in acquisition of a Czech diversified engineering company.
Internet portal operator Communication Valuation of trademarks and valuation of a set of internet domains.
Czech mid-size logistics and manufacturing company Manufacturing and transportation Business plan for extension of logistics and manufacturing activities.  Negotiations with the largest local bank regarding debt restructuring and project funding.
Global insurance company Insurance Valuation for corporate restructuring purposes (change in ownership within the group).
Commercial insurance company Insurance Valuation for a subsidiary spin-off.   Goodwill valuation (impairment tests), business planning and modelling.
Multinational construction company Construction Valuation of local target company. 
Multinational gas company Supplier and distributor of natural gas Valuation and corporate restructuring projects (streamlining number of special purpose service companies in the group).
Multinational financial institution Banking Development of business plan and valuation of the local subsidiary under various scenarios of value creation.
Local subsidiary of a multinational company Real estate development Assistance in finance raising for a major real estate development project.
Czech distribution company Medical devices Assistance in acquisition of the business (majority owner buy-out).
Czech wholesale company Consumer goods Advise on corporate governance issues and assistance in financial management.
Global utility Water and sewage Assistance in bidding for local water and sewage operators.
Local subsidiary of a multinational company Real estate development Valuation of IRS and hedge accounting documentation.
Significant Czech municipality Banking Minority share valuation in a bank with international operations.
Government institutions and private investors Renewable energy resources Participation in a wide range of projects regarding financial aspects of renewable resources power plants including assessment of government support options.
International school Education Assessment of financing options for a not-for-profit educational facility.


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